Additional Services

  • Notary Services – For your convenience, we also offer the signatory services of an authorized Notary during all business hours for notarizing legal documents, including a signing agent for notarizing mortgage and real estate documents.

  • Loss Control – at your request, we will provide loss control services to identify and suggest measures to take to mitigate future claims

  • Backup Data – go online to our Cothran Connection and upload important documents such as certificates of insurance you received from your sub contractors, inventory list of your personal effects and more. We will keep it stored safely and securely in the even you need to refer back to it and it is available 24/7 for you to access anytime you need to.

  • Mobile App – download our app and view your policies, view policy documents, have your auto identification card at your fingertips and issue certificates of insurance right from your phone

  • Workers Compensation Experience Mod Evaluation – we will review your losses and provide you with a complete analysis of all of your Workers Compensation claims aimed at lowering your future Experience Mod. Through this detailed analysis we can determine trends in types of losses i.e. slip and falls, burns or cuts for us to focus on a particular loss prevention strategy. We can also determine if you have a frequency issue or a severity issue and implement a strategy to reduce your overall cost. Lastly, we will show you what each claim is costing you in terms of additional workers compensation premium, and if you have multiple locations can identify which locations need the most focus.

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