Inland Marine

Typical Businessowners and Property policies only provide coverage for your business personal property up to either 100 feet, or in some cases up to 1,000 feet, from your insured premises. If you have items that you typically take off premises, you would want to insure them on what is called an Inland Marine policy.

We typically write these polices for General Contractors, Electricians, Plumbers, Lawn Care Services and other Specialty Trade Contractors. However, virtually anybody can have one of these policies to extend coverage to your property while it is away from the premises.

The property can be written on either an Actual Cash Value basis or on a Replacement Cost basis depending on the type of equipment and age of equipment.

Furthermore, if most of your items that you take off premises are valued at under $2,500 for one single item, we can write what is called a Blanket amount of insurance to cover all of your items with a maximum insured value for one single item at $2,500 thus eliminating the need to list all items individually.

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